TG-Tracker™: Anonymous Telegram Account Hacking

Transaction Confidentiality

To maintain complete anonymity and confidentiality while using the software, customers should avail only of reliable and proven payment methods. All available financial instruments meet these criteria, but cryptocurrency is considered the best option. Its main advantage is guaranteed anonymity of any financial transaction participants. Mechanisms of cryptocurrency purchasing and crediting.

One of key principles behind TG-Tracker™ is the protection of clients' private data. Software was developed based on advanced encryption and cyber security technologies. It guarantees maximal anonymity and confidentiality to our customers.

Protection of Confidential Information

Each customer becomes directly or indirectly responsible for creation of confidential information. There are three categories of such information, as follows:

  1. Authorization-related - specified as sign up and account authorization (email, login, and password).
  2. Identification-related necessary to identify a target profile and launch software (a phone number or a @username of a target subscriber).
  3. Exported – A package of files obtained as a result of Telegram account hacking (subscriber's correspondence (including private chat), current GPS location coordinates, list of saved contacts, log of incoming and outgoing calls, received and sent files, as well as the list of available Telegram channels).

All of the above mentioned data undergoes end-to-end encryption. This measure allows not only to prevent confidential data from getting to the hands of third parties, but also to protect it from unintentional changes. All the data is stored on a remote server not associated with TG-Tracker™. A password specified during registration serves as a decryption, so you should keep it a secret from everyone.

Tips aimed at improving customer safety:

  • - Use a complex password that contains special characters and letters of both upper and lower cases.
  • - Create a unique email to work with dashboard (such email address should not contain sets of characters that make your identification possible).
  • - After each session press the "Exit" button located in your Dashboard.
  • - Before session launching, install and enable a VPN (this measure is not mandatory, but it can significantly improve protection).
  • - Do not apply the software through public Wi-Fi networks.

The Highest Level of Anonymity

The software is launched directly through the website interface. It means clients do not need to install and configure additional software. Features built-in algorithms for stealthy monitoring of a target profile without affecting both a target device and the Telegram app it runs. Since Telegram security system does not perceive TG-Tracker™ as an attacker, a target account's owner won’t receive any signals indicating some kind of external interference. Learn more about operational principles.

Follow all software guidelines and your personal data will never fall into the hands of computer trespassers. Thanks to advanced technologies, our developers guarantees absolute anonymity and confidentiality.

In Case of Any Issues, Clients Can Visit

F.A.Q. section offering answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, they can contact Customer Support Team.

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