Frequently asked questions

    This FAQ contains answers to the main questions on the software used for network hacking and receiving SS7 message for authorization in the mobile application with subsequent access to the data on a carrier. Check out our Expanded FAQ for more technical details.

    With broad access to the high-speed Internet becoming more common and insatiable appetite of our clients to convenience, online information exchange is promptly developing worldwide. After in the IT market solution a steady demand has been created for such service as Telegram hacking and user's message history extracting, TL service was launched which could provide stable and independent access to data of other users, such as personal correspondence, archive of the received and sent files, contact lists and other information usually hidden from prying eyes.

    Do I have to install the app on the target device?

    No, TL works online and doesn't require any manipulations with the device you want to get access to. All we need from you is the your "victim's" phone number.

    Where can I see rates for the service?

    You can do that in our Rates Section . It also should be noted that our users can use flexible discount system for choosing more than one messenger. Besides, using our Partnership program , You can get access even for free .

    I want to hack my girlfriend's account, send me the password.

    We've created the crypto algorithm for password seeking, placed it on our server and provided the access to it via our website. You need to hack the password on your own using the target user's authorization method; If the hacking is successful, you can refill your balance in the account and get the extracted data in the contol panel. Also you can get the login and password of the authorized user in the your personal account.

    What will I get for this payment?

    As soon as your account is filled up, you can open the information obtained by the account number you've specified. Right after that the payment will be written off from your account.

    For what period of time will I get access to the messenger account?

    Access to the account will be provided within seven calendar days or until the user doesn't change his password

    Does TL work wordwide?

    Our software works irrespective of the operator cellular network of or the region where the subscriber is located.

    Is it possible for the target to find out that someone else has access to his personal data?

    No, because the software functionality doesn't require its installation on the device, and our Privacy policy ensures that nobody and never learned who exactly is using our services.

    Can you gurantee that nobody will find out the e-mail specified during the registration procedure?

    The e-mail which you specified during registration is reliably protected thanks to our data enciphering system. We don't publish our users data and don't collect databases for SPAM mailing. So you shouldn't be afraid to specify the real e-mail since if you forget the password from your account, you will be able to restore it only via the e-mail.

    After hacking will the password remain the same? Is it possible for the account owner to find out that it was hacked and to change the password?

    After hacking the account the password doesn't change, so you get that exact password used by the owner. Of course, there is a chance that the owner will somehow learn that his password is hacked, and he can quickly change it. For example, if you will enter his profile or chats in that moment when he physically couldn't be online and his friends on the website noticed it and reported to him. Or, for example, if you will chat too actively on behalf of his name.

    I've already added funds into my account. Can you guarantee that I will get the data on the user I need?

    You don't have to fill up your account before access to the messenger is acquired and data is extracted from the application. We guarantee safety of your money and even if information won't be reliable, you can use the funds repeatedly for any profile you need. We've gained all the ecessary experience and gradually decreased the percent of failed orders down almost to zero.

    Is it legal to use TL?

    Our users define in what purposes to use the resource at their own discretion. TL was initially created to restore the data lost from the account that is absolutely legitimate. Make sure to study our User Agreement .

    How can I pay for TL services?

    You can pay for the services using your Master Card, Visa, MIR, Maestro cards, e-money, via the Qiwi terminal or Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin cryptocurrencies, etc. The detailed instruction can be found in section Rates Section .